Our product

Very Good Syrup for Cough, wheezing, Sinus & Lung Diseases

Long acting Asthma, Uncontolled Asthma, Esinophillic Lung Diseases

Very Good & Effective for Knee Joint Pain, Severe Arthritis Pain

All Type of Minor & Major Joints Pain Oil

L4,L5 - Disc Problem & Spinal Cord Problem Oil

Neck Pain, Spondylosis, Neck Nerve & Disc Problem

Traumatic & Muscular Sprain with Uncontrolled Muscular Pain oil

Special Varma & Nerve oil

Swelling & Severe Pain Oil

Chest Care Oil

Wonder ful long Hair growth Oil(Oil Used for All age group)

Psoriasis & Skin Care Oil

Nerves,Sexuval & Infertility Sweet Legium

Beauty Skincare Gel

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